Saturday, May 19, 2012

Homing Instinct

Hello. Guy from Switzerland here. I've been following a single wild iris cat called Aurelian since he was an egg. In November he moved about 2.5m from his home leaves, onto a different branch, and hibernated (about 1cm long). In March he moved again, out to the end of his hibernating twig, where he waited for the buds to burst. On about 25th April he climbed into the nearest leaves and began gorging himself before shedding his skin shortly after 29th April. Finally, fat and happy, he crawled all the way back to his original branch, to a leaf-cluster in exactly the same position as the one his egg had been laid on and where he had fed up all autumn. He is now to be found precisely where he was throughout September and October and into the beginning of November. I estimate his length at 16 mm.


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