Friday, September 4, 2015

Caterpillar hunting at Knepp

Knepp may have topped the table with sheer numbers of adults on the wing year but finding caterpillars is no easy task.

I must say that spending the afternoon with Matthew was an absolute pleasure (as usual), expert guidance is a prerequisite to finding the little blighters. Thankfully, earlier in the day Penny, Knepp's ecologist found one and I was able to have an introduction.

Having only found one today has whetted the appetite to find more so back to Knepp very soon.

I almost forgot to mention that Knepp has a new limited edition Purple Emperor pin badge. It is a larger, 3cm wide version of the original Empire badge. Limited to 100 badges to celebrate the 100+ sightings on a Safari this year. The badges are available to personal visitors.

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